Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Thank the Lord it is finally Friday!  This week has been a blurry, sweat-panted mess.  Here are my 7:

1.  I am STILL potty training Mikey.  He's 3, and almost 4 months... This is probably totally my fault, as he was really interested this last summer, and we were traveling a lot, so I encouraged, a lot, for him to, "just use your diaper".  Yeah, like that didn't backfire times a million.  Did I mention that I am 30 weeks preggers this next week, and that Charlie is 15 months old now?  I just want to lay it all out there so that you can get a good clean (pun intended) glimpse of what is happening in our house right now.  We haven't left the house in weeks, aside from our weekly doctor appointments that we somehow cannot seem to avoid.  So here's how it's been going down.
"Do the (clap, clap) potty dance!"

7am- Me: "Mikey, do you want to go on the potty like a big boy?"
Mikey: "Sure, are we gonna potty train today?" (promptly goes in Pull Up).

8am-(after changing him into big boy undies (orange with dogs on them)
Me: "Mikey, tell Mommy when you need to go potty okay?"
8:15am- Mikey: "Ahh! Oh no! Save the puppies!!!" (As he runs, while peeing, down the hall to the bathroom, where when we "try" there is nothing left.

Replay this situation 3 times over, only alternate in Thomas the Train, and Spiderman with "the puppies".

Overall, I'd say we are well on our way to success, and I dare you to offer me some unsolicited potty training advice, ready ..., go!

 2.  Whine, whine, wine? (I wish!).  You don't want to hear me complain about what it's like to be preggers while parenting a 3 year old and a 15 month old, that's why I dropped off the blog-o-sphere for all of the first trimester, (and second?).  But, can I just say that truly the worst and hardest part is when you do go out in public, or to the big kid doctor appointments, that you are constantly reminded by the sweet, young things, with their bodies still hot and stretchmark-free (secretaries, nurses, even the doctors) that,

 "Wow, do you have YOUR hands full!" (literally, I mean, they had a point with this one, I was holding my whopper of a Charlie, (27 1/2 lbs).
 "I can't believe you still lift him!" (however, aside from finding a very sturdy baby leash, what else could I possible do?  Plus, he'd totally chew through it if I did get him one).
"I will Mom, I'll eat right through it."

 And my favorite, while checking out, "You have to schedule his 18 month check up at exactly that week, oh, it's your due date, well then you can just bring them both. Just think, you were about to get to once a year appointments only, and now you have to start all over again with this one!" (Evil, youthful cackle).  I am not making this up, and yes I am crazy and hormonal, but these women, are brutal!
"You're fat, and crazy for having babies!"

3. I'm 27, and my body which only gave birth 15 months ago, feels like it's 13 going on 30(+20).  I'm not kidding.  If this is how I feel at the spry and agile age of 27, what the heck is going to happen if I have a baby a decade from now?!? Which, you know, is possible.  I've done my math.  I'm pretty sure that I will be wearing Spanx everyday, for the rest of my days, 'til death do us part.  Somehow I managed to pull something that should not have been pulled, so even walking has been painful and difficult, so you can guess how many times I have hit the gym as of late.  And can I preface this by saying that to date, I have only gained 11 lbs, so don't go assuming that I have been hitting the ice cream carton too often and that there in lies my problem, 'cause, it doesn't ...
ice cream!
Get in my mouth!

4. Can someone, other than Youtube, teach me to sew?  My mother-in-law gave me her sewing machine a couple of years ago, and it's awesome and I even painted it to make it adorable, but I rarely use it.  I really want to now that I am having a baby girl.  I told Mike I was going to teach her to sew and moved the machine into her room.  He says it's maybe a little premature; I say it's ambitious.

5.  I made Ana's peanut butter cookies today.  Mikey and I scarfed half the batch.  The were delicious and I don't usually really like peanut butter cookies, but I'll admit I was tempted by the 3 ingredient simplicity.  Go try them, they rock!

6. Are you familiar with the CCC Saint videos?  Mike and I both were raised on them, and Dear Aunt Hillary sent Mikey and Charlie the St. Patrick dvd for Christmas.  To say that Mikey is obsessed with it, is the understantment of the world.  After watching it only twice (It's 20 minutes long, give me a break), he began to quote the catchy lines from it to me.  Like when it's naptime, and I tell him it's time to go into his room he says, "You've got to be kidding me, Druid, let me go!".  Yeah, that's probably my favorite.  Or, "Patrick, come back, teach us about Jesus, the one true God!"  Actually, that one totally melts my heart. And I have to admit I much prefer this obsession to the "Yo Gabba Gabba" one (creepy little creatures).
I'm not quite sure of the historical significance of the "Irish Twins" who complete each sentence for one another, or that of the little black sheep, but it's all very exciting.

7. I must say it as it is fresh in my memory.  Mikey had at nightmare around 5am this morning.  What's the worst possible thing that you could imagine dreaming about?  Multiple it by infinity because you're about to be rocked.  I awoke to hear Mikey yelling, "I need my party, I need my party!!!" I went in to console him, where he told me repeatedly that we were, "out of Birthday candles!" and "needed decorations and cake!"  His life is really difficult.  Truly, coming from two very large families, someone is literally celebrating a Birthday every two weeks. This month's even worse, I believe we have 3 in a row, so you can see where the stress is coming from.  This kid lives and breathes birthday parties.  I figure if he is going to have a nightmare, there are worse things he could be dreaming of.
Partying is scary business.

 Now, go see Jen at Conversation Diaries for some real quick takes. :)


  1. We're trying to potty train, too. It's going so much slower than I thought it would, and several times I've wanted to just throw in the towel and let her wear diapers til kindergarten or so. So far, the best advice I've been given is to let her wear underwear under the pull-up- so she can feel wet if she goes, but less mess/keeps her pants dry.

    And I grew up on those movies, too! I just found some for my husband to transfer to DVD this week.

    1. Thanks Francine, that's a really good idea with the under the pull-ups undies! I'm on it! :)

  2. Lizzie! I love reading your blog! And I know how you feel with the whole potty training thing. Kolbe will be three this month and we have a LONG way to go in that department. ;)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I love reading yours too! Also, it's a comfort to know that other mommies have these troubles too. :)

  3. I feel the same way about Drs. appointments. You finally feel like you don't live there and then it's back to (feels like) monthly checkups! They could at least provide People magazines so I can wallow in superficial smut while in the waiting room. :)

  4. Hey Lizzie- I've nominated you for a Liebster award. Here are the details:
    If you'd rather not participate that's a-ok. Here are the details if you want to check it out:

  5. hey, me too!
    lizzie, i hate to break it to you, but it's been over a month since you last filled my eyes with your glorious posts and that's over a month too long. i don't care if you don't liebster, but i really, really need some more laughs and updates on the hadro fam so please, please (cage the wolf cubs if you have to) keep writing!
    love you! :)

  6. Lizzie - I'm not asking you to do a 3rd but you're blog is at the top of my list of best blogs out there!