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Liebster Awards

Thank you to Lisa, Sheena, and Natalie for nominating me for the Liebster!  I have finally gotten around to responding ... sorry! I have been couch deep in 36 week pregger-dom. But Lizzie, can't you blog from your couch? No, I can't do anything but wallow and change diapers from my couch. I had to go type this in the kitchen to keep the wolves at bay. So, without further delay, here is the info!

Instructions + Rules: 
Thank the person who nominated you and link your post to their blog | List 11 facts about yourself then answer the 11 questions given to you | Create 11 more questions for your 9 nominees, all of whom have 200 or less followers. | Comment on their blogs informing them of their Liebster Award nomination.

 11 Facts About Myself: 

1.  I was born in San Francisco, California. Which makes me a (Northern) Californian by birth, Coloradan by Heart, and Virginian by marriage.

2. I am less afraid of black bears and mountain lions than I am of garden snakes and spiders.

3.  I can tie shoelaces with my toes in under 5 minutes. (Someone else's shoelaces, not my own).

4. I love red wine. I love it, I love it, I love it.

5. I have never broken a bone, but I have had stitches. When I was 4, Jenny, my big sis, told me that if I tied a towel around my neck and jumped off of the top bunk bed I would be able to fly ...I did not fly.
6. My primary sports of choice in high school were "throwing". I threw discus and shot-put from 8th grade thru my senior year.

7. Jurassic Park is in my top 3 for Desert Island movie choice, which I guess is kinda ironic seeing it is set on an island ...

8. When I hear about something bad happening in the news I often remark, "See, that's why you should only let your kids listen to country music". It's true.

9. I am expecting a baby (GIRL!) in 3 weeks. Making that 3 babies, in 3 and a half years. We are BLESSED! And busy!

10. When I was in high school my favorite pair of jeans were embedded with glitter. I would leave a sparkly trail everywhere I went.

11. My very favorite place I ever visited, Doolin Ireland. :)

11 Questions from Lisa:
If you could play any instrument what would it be?
 The guitar. I would love to be able to play well.

Favorite fashion trend ever?
Snap bracelets and t-shirt ties/holders, the neon ones. Missing childhood.

Favorite vacation spot?
Topsail Island, NC!

Favorite religious devotion?
St. Therese's "Little Way", and Opus Dei. 

Mountains or ocean?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Would you rather have to empty/take out all the trash in the house or clean the toilet?
Eww neither, but it ends up being the toilet.

Do you prefer emails/texts or handwritten letters?
Receiving letters, but writing emails. I am weirdly insecure about my handwriting.

Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes.
Boots! :) Each fall a new pair, but my ideal would be my own pair of Frye riding boots, brown leather, yes please!

Do you have a favorite book you’ve read more than once?
I love futuristic dystopian youth genre and have read an embarrassing amount of these novels, but Jane Austin is truly my favorite author. I have read all of her books, obviously Pride and Prejudiced more than once.

For your wedding did you do (any of) the traditional “Old, new, borrowed, blue”? If so, what were they?

Old, was my pearls that I wore;  new, was my dress, accessories, etc; borrowed, was my rosary from my mom, and blue was my Scottish garter that my neighbor/adopted grandmother, who is from Scotland gave to me from her recent trip there.

Questions from Sheena:

 1.  What blog inspires you the most?

Spiritually and as a mother, My Child, I Love You

2.  When you go shopping for yourself, what's the first thing you buy?
 A new, inexpensive top.  I'm always on the lookout.

3.  What's your favorite t.v. show?
Downton Abbey, only I am heartbroken right now, so it's tied with Once Upon a Time and Parks and Rec. 

4.  If/when you go to Target, what area of the store do you spend the most time?
Start at Starbucks, then to Home/ Decor clearance aisles, then to Baby.

5.  What is the best book you have read?
hmm that's too hard. I have many "bests" and all evoke different emotions and thoughts. The Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales really impacted me spiritually during college, and I Believe In Love is one I like to re-read yearly. But I also love to read crappy, easy to read in a day novels, for example everything Nicholas Sparks has written. I know, embarrassing.

6.  What is one food you could eat every day?
Salsa, normally accompanying something else.

7.  Name the funniest movie ever, of all time.

8.  Coffee or tea?!

9.  What is most misunderstood about you?
My sense of humor. Sometimes my sarcasm confuses others...and me. 

10.  Which city in America do you like best?
D.C. Really! My heart still flutters when I enter the skyline of the monuments. I love history and it is the most historic city we have in this young country of ours.

11.  What do you appreciate most about your life?
My husband. Really, truly, I feel like I am the most blessed and luckiest woman.  Mike works so incredibly hard to provide for us, and he loves us so much. I love watching him interact with our boys and they just light up when he gets home every night. Melts my heart!

Natalie's Questions:

I tried not to re-answer any questions, so here I just put the ones I didn't think I had already answered.

1. If there was one home goods purchase you could make, what would it be?
 Paint, paint, and more paint! I would love to paint our entire house, but when renting, I know it's a big task to take on and not really worth it in the long run, so for now I will just be happy as I continue to paint all of our furniture. 

2. What's your favorite joke?
I prefer antidotes from real life. I can't tell jokes, just stories about funny things that have happened to me or others.

3.And your favorite memory?
A group of 11 of our friends went to Ireland 10 days before our Semester in Austria began in Fall 2006.  We traveled together without any premeditated plans.  On the day that we visited the Cliffs of Moher, after touring, we all sat at a couple of picnic tables and passed around a couple of bottles of wine while talking and playing cards. I told everyone then, and it's still true now, that it was just my favorite memory of our time there. Everyone looked like trolls from not showering and from sleeping on buses etc. but it was hilarious and so much fun to get to know everyone in a way different than ever before. You're so out of your element, literally, when you are visiting a foreign country. And, of course, to have the freedom of adults for the first time ever was incredible.

5.What piece of clothing can you not live without?
Black leggings, essential to my "mom-iform ". Unfortunate, and true.

6.Favorite time of year? Why
Fall! It's truly the only time of year that I can say that I enjoy living in Virginia. Half of it is because of my child-like anticipation for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, oh, and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, but also because both my boys are October babies, and we get to do all of the best things during the fall. Wine tasting, Apple picking, visiting pumpkin patches and just being able to be outside for the first time all year, since Spring, makes it the best ever!

11 Questions for my nominees:

1. Boxers, briefs, or pantaloons? JK

1. Where would you go if you could visit anywhere in the world?

2. Favorite novel, guaranteed to make you weep?

3. Beer, wine, or mixed drink?

4. What quality is most unique about you?

5. Cooking, organizing, or crafting?

6. Best date ever?

7. Who in your life challenges you the most?

8. What job would you do if you could do anything?

9. Who's your biggest role model?

10. What are you most afraid of?

11. What word best describes you? One word! Explain. :)

And my Nominees are:

1. Jenny

2. Hillary

3. Lauren

4. Ana

5. Audry

6. Steph

7. Brittany

8. Francine

9. Kristin

Some of you haven't written in a little while, but when you do, I love it! So please, please keep it up!

Good luck!

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  1. :) thank you for answering...and now i have more! i tagged you in a five random things post -
    sorry, it's the last chain i'm doing but i couldn't help but try and get more typing out of you...i love it too much. and i love you and miss you! come on charlotte! can't wait til you get here!!