Monday, July 15, 2013

Zulily Junkie

So, do you know about Zulily?  Do YOU live in a rock?  Okay, I will just go ahead and assume that you know.  Then you must also be aware of how extremely addictive it is.

 I even downloaded the app onto my phone, which means at 9am every morning, I am receiving an alert compelling me to shop.  "Hurry, you better purchase these tinted mason jar wine carafes before every other crazy mom does, they are in hot demand!"  No.  "What about a MY BABY BLING- Miss April shirt?  Surely that's necessary!" Nope.

"Teach your child to read with Star Wars phonics?" Oh crap, I give.  I guess I am just feeding his obsession, but if I can get Mikey reading while doing it, then sure, I'll buy 10 books for the price of one.

But seriously, I am so excited cause guess what I landed last week from them? 

An Ergo!  Yay! I can finally carry Princess Charlotte around in something other than my arms!  Dare to dream, Mama.  Best part?  $67 bucks!  Normally they are like at least $100, so I am thrilled. :)  I'm gonna look awesome parading down the street with my "giant stroller" (words uttered from a caring one child parent last week) and Charlotte strapped to my chest, but hey, at least we will be mobile, which is more than we can say about these last 3 months.

A girl can dream, right?

I also really want a new couch and/or slipcover.  I keep trolling the site for one because it's what I do.  If you've been over to our house lately, you may have noticed the plethora of mismatched couches we are rockin' (including an actual rocking couch, pun intended).  It's true, I'm a secret couch hoarder.  The problem is I can keep it a secret no longer, as I have run out of rooms to put them.  One room has so many that it's blocking the patio door.  See?
The Mismatched Sofa Triple Threat
I guess I have this plan that if I just keep accepting furniture rejects, eventually I will make something lovely from them.  How's it lookin' so far?  Good.  Anyway, Zulily you haven't failed me yet, so let's get some slipcovers up on there, pronto. 

I also DESPERATELY want to buy one of these for Charlotte, but I can't justify dropping the weekly grocery budget on baby hair accessories.  Plus, she doesn't really have hair yet, so ...yeah. 

Anyway, if you don't have Zulily yet, get it!  Because it's awesome and because misery loves company, so join me in my pining for things that I don't actually need.

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  1. My Charlotte is just now able to wear pretty hair bows...she is 3 years old! We rocked the headbands for a loooong time:) Hopefully your Charlotte will ace the hair growing test!